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DIGITAL MENU BOARDS In Dubai For Cafes & Restaurants

Gone are the days of creating menu handouts for your restaurants and cafés or the idea of being on your heels to provide them to your customers. With digital menu boards, your customers can explore your fantastic menu while endorsing your state-of-the-art presentation. 


We at DigiComm equip your fantastic food and beverage centres with digital menu boards that help you leverage customers as well as maintain them for a long time. Having a digital menu for your cafes and restaurants brings in feasibility and convenience and avoids the expenditure of having waiters roam about when everything is vivid and out there. Our digital menu boards in Dubai offer unique and attractive means to help you convey your elaborate menus to your potential customers. Experiences of viewing can be enhanced through the introduction of animated graphics as well as video. A lot of customers are attracted to items that have animated multimedia. The creativity and design of the digital menu boards can create a magical effect on the customers.


Digital menu boards are the latest innovation in the restaurant industry, and they're what make our company unique. We provide digital menu boards in Dubai for cafes and restaurants & businesses, no matter how big or small they are. No matter what your needs, we have the perfect solution for you. From large-scale digital menu boards to simple menus for coffee shops, we offer a huge variety of options, all of which are high quality and affordable. Our LED menu boards in UAE are not only high quality but also inexpensive and easy to maintain. Plus, you can customize everything.

With our digital menu boards, your customers don't have to squint at a tiny print in order to see what's on the menu anymore! They can simply look at the screen in front of them and find exactly what they're looking for in seconds - making their lives easier. Pre-schedule your menus to automatically switch between breakfast to dinner, lunch and breakfast menus and other specials. Reduce the perceived time to wait with crisp and clear menu listings.  Significantly enhance your brand's image by utilizing high-definition graphics.

​Featuring a wide range of powerful features, our digital menu boards are fast, interactive and offer the most efficient way to display your menus. With our digital menu boards, you can change your menus in just a few seconds with the click of a mouse. Our digital menu boards offer a wide range of features that will help you attract more customers while making sure that your menu is detailed and easily readable. We have a vast range of packages to suit every budget. Eliminate the printing costs by moving onto digital menu boards. We use state-of-the-art technology to make our digital menu boards as simple as possible to use - from uploading content to changing your menus on the go from any device. With any browser that you use and on any device at any moment you can create edit, manage, and update your menus for multiple or one location. Digital menu boards are the perfect solution to update your business with a fresh, new look.

Creative Digital Menu Boards Displays for your business

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  • How much does digital signage cost in Dubai?
    The cost of Digital Signage can range from 550 AED to 3000AED. The cost varies from one Digital Signage board to another & depends mostly on video quality like display resolution from low to high pixels.
  • What is the purpose of digital signage?
    Digital signage uses screens to show messages, ads, or videos to people in public places. It can be used for branding, marketing, or just keeping your customers informed about your products and services.
  • How do digital signage systems work?
    Digital signage systems project images using projectors or flat-panel displays. These are often hung on the wall mounted on poles, attached to the ceiling, or placed in commercial windows. You can find screens in places like schools or restaurants, waiting rooms or airports, stores or malls - anywhere people congregate.
  • What is a digital signage platform?
    Digital signage platform is a centrally managed, content distribution platform that lets you playback digital content on several screens or displays. It can be used in a variety of businesses like: retail stores, restaurants, malls and hospitals.
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