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  • Distributes quality, high-bandwidth audio including the latest sound technologies to ARC and eARC soundbars & AV receivers
  • Dolby Atmos®, Dolby AudioTM and PCM audio
  • Supports up to three audio zones routed to the ARC and eARC or stereo analog audio outputs
  • Supports interactive devices such as buttons, proximity sensors and more via USB, GPIO, Ethernet
  • USB also operates in host mode to update firmware on connected devices
  • Controls soundbar volume and input switching via CEC commands
  • Distributes background music to any venue
  • Includes free Control Cloud subscription to for access to real time player health and controls
  • Supports presentation authoring through free BrightAuthor:connected, BrightScript, JavaScript, and node applications or your choice of an integrated CMS solution

BrightSign AU335 Audio Only Player

  • Flawless, high bandwidth audio experiences are now a reality for any application with this ultra low-cost platform that is easy to deploy and designed with BrightSign’s signature reliability.

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