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Different Types of Digital Signage: Which One is Right For You?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Know which one should you go for!

Now that the world is witnessing a massive development in the advertising field, it takes a person very long to decide on which platform to opt for. Contrary to the old time when there were only a few platforms available, there wasn't much to think about. But today, there are a lot of options available even within the platforms that one really gets confused about what to choose and what to leave.

If we take an example of the outdoor media leaving the radio and TV advertising aside, you'll find that there are many different types of options available for us. Also, we can't neglect the fact that each of them has its unique speciality and that's what makes it different.

The question is how do we choose what's best for us? There is a simple way of doing so which is having a good knowledge about each one of them so that you are able to differentiate and choose what suits your business the most. In this blog, I'll be discussing five different types of digital signage hoping that by the end of this blog you are able to choose the best one for your business.

Digital Signage

Digital signage does a lot of work for you. From showing you the route to displaying your favourite menu, from telling you the flight timings to playing your favourite music video, it does everything from educating you to entertaining you. Here're some different types of signage that might help you choose the best one for your business.

Outdoor Digital Signage:

This is the most common type of digital signage that you must have seen standing on the roads, outside a complex or maybe in the premises of a mall. Since they are meant to be installed outdoors, they are equipped with weatherproof enclosures that prevent the screen from getting moist hence serving the purpose of outdoor advertising. When I say weatherproof, it means that it can withstand any weather condition. That's why they are also equipped with heating, cooling and airflow systems to make sure that the inside elements aren't disturbed and they run smoothly. This signage came in place of the traditional billboards and hoardings that we used to witness before the technology advanced. These contain an engaging and interacting experience hence serving the purpose of the companies. They are usually installed to inform the customers about new products, discounts and other statistics.

Indoor Digital Signage:

This is another type of signage that you see inside the malls or airports or restaurants etc. Unlike the outdoor digital signage, this isn't made weatherproof since it doesn't have to stand under the open sky. These are placed in the roofed areas at different places. Since its usage is at a variety of places, it serves a lot of purposes for a lot of different business types. You can find these boards acting as menu boards, interactive signage, video walls, advertising signage etc. Since they are comparatively smaller in size, you can find them at a lot of places even in some corporate offices. Many corporate offices install these boards with the intent to inform, motivate and appreciate their employees. Imagine watching your photo with an appreciation note on the screen. Feels great, right?

Digital Menu :

This is something that is making its way in our lives faster than anything else. Digital menus have become so common in the hospitality and food sector that it seems that the restaurants are incomplete without them. The reasons for the same are many, for the owners as well as the customers. As the owner, you can easily change the content including the dishes, the price and the offers and as a customer, you can have a look at the whole menu at once that too with pictures. It also allows you to remain informed about the estimated time your order will take to get ready and other useful information. Hence, these digital menu boards serve a lot of purposes at the same time.

Free Standing Displays:

As the name suggests, this digital signage doesn't need any particular place or environment to be placed. They are free hence can be placed almost everywhere. You don't hang them or tie them with anything. These can be found in malls or schools or even showrooms of some big companies. Since they are mobile, one can use them anywhere. Also, one of the biggest advantages of these displays is that many of them come with a touch screen allowing the audience to interact with them hence making them entertaining and loved and because of all these qualities, it comes very eye catchy and attractive hence helping our business get good attention from the public.

Digital Posters:

The simplest of the lot, these are small poster-like displays that you'll find mounted on a wall in a hospital or a cinema or any place where there is public dealing or where people keep visiting. These are usually placed in a little LCD enclosure that allows for a media player. If you haven't opted for the digital advertising route yet, this is the easiest and safest option to start your digital journey with. The reason is that they don't occupy much space, are easy to install, don't cost much and above all can serve your purpose well. You can change the content whenever you want.

So, these were some of the types of digital signage that one can go with for their businesses. Since you know your target audience, USP and other important factors, you are the best person to decide about which signage will be best for you.

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