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10 Undeniable Benefits of Digital Menu Boards for your Restaurants & Cafes

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Know How It Can Prove To Be A Sales Booster

Gone are the days when you used to have a limited number of food options available on the menu card. As the world got advanced, the need for having eateries increased. One of the major reasons for the same was that a lot of people started working in offices and other commercial units.

Just in a span of a few decades, we saw many food chains gaining global popularity resulting in increased outdoor eating fashion. One can find a cafe or restaurant very easily as compared to the past. Today one can't imagine living in a place where there isn't an eatery around. This is because we are so used to this and it has become an inseparable part of our life.

When it comes to the marketing of these eateries, there are a number of taglines and ads that have become unforgettable. Those are from the times when people used only the traditional means of advertising. Now that the times have changed, there have been a lot of changes in the modes of marketing adopted by every business including these eateries. One of the prominent of these modes are the digital menu boards. Though they are not exactly used for advertising purposes, their use is somewhat the same as the former.

Remember the last time you visited your favourite food point, you must have seen a big board hanging inside with the cafe/restaurant menu printed on it. Did you feel good looking at it? You must have! We all do as it creates a good vibe and not only that but it also helps the owners get a good business.

Digital Menu Boards

Below written are some of its benefits you must know :

1. No Need To Print New Menus Every Time: Out of all the benefits of a digital menu board, the major is that it saves the cost of printing new menu cards every time you add new delicacies to your menu. Contrary to this, one was compelled to print the whole new lot of the menu cards even if a single dish was added to the menu.

2. Easy Access To Menu: These boards are usually bigger in size making them clearly visible hence very convenient for the customers to choose a dish from. You don't need to be having the menu card placed separately on every table.

3. Boosts The Sales: Studies have shown that the eateries who switched to digital menus got a boost of around 20% in their sales. This is undoubtedly worth going for it. You might be wondering if such a huge investment is worth doing it or not. I would definitely say yes. This is a one-time investment that'll start bearing fruits the day you'll install it.

4. No More Wait: This is something that is loved by every customer who comes to the eatery. The person(s) can actually place an order the moment they get seated. With the help of these boards, they don't have to wait for the menu cards. This will increase the frequency of the orders hence adding to your sales.

5. Makes You Appear Trendy: The world has seen a drastic change in the past few decades. It seems that the world belongs to the people who love technology and innovations. And these places are mostly visited by the same lot of people. Hence, in order to keep the place friendly for them, this is a must have thing in your eatery.

6. Brand Recognition: These boards serve as more than just a menu board. They help your business gain good brand recognition. While a person bites his/her favourite sandwich or sips his/her favourite shake, chances are high that these boards are in his/her sights. The unique fonts, mascots, colours of your brand will stay in their minds for long, helping you get a good brand value and business in future.

7. Replaceable Menu: If your eatery serves different meals at different times, or if you serve different food during different events this is a perfect pick for you. It'll save you time, effort and costs of changing and replacing your menu every time.

8. Convenience Guaranteed: With the installation of these boards, you get a convenient selling experience. You can put your announcements, discounts, etc on it very easily. This saves your time hence you can utilize that time somewhere else and be more productive.

9. Makes People Try New Dishes: These boards usually come with graphics and text where you are able to show the images of the dishes. Many people try new dishes only after watching those images. Hence it gives a boost to the sales here as well.

10. Calorie Count Display: As the world has become very health conscious, many people follow diet charts where they need to intake a limited number of calories. These boards make it easy to display the calories amount against each dish hence making your unit the favourite among all.

There are many other benefits of these boards which you'll experience once you install this. If you are still in a yes or no zone, go ahead and give it a try. It's a must do investment for a longer benefit of your business,

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