Computer-generated Imagery (CGI) refers to the still or animated imagery employed in commercials, videos, or television programs that have been created completely or partly with the help of computer hardware or software. CGI content creation finds use in the field of advertising, structural modeling, architectural designing as well as augmented AR and VR technologies.


At DigiComm, creative content production and creation are what we serve. Juggling with tools and technologies, we create magical contents that help you put your best foot forth while securing customers and attracting new ones. At Dubai Mall,  we have designed the media delivery system for the world's largest OLED screen stretching for more than 700m² above the centrally located aquarium that turns heads passing by. This digital magic traverses as signages along the walls of the aquarium tunnel as well.


Creative Content Production

We also have partnered with BrightSign players in installing the Digital Signage at Robinsons, the largest store in Dubai.